• A Simple Perspective

    The MAG Team stands by an old but infamous quote:

    There are three types of teams: those who wonder how so much got done, those who watch things get done, and those who get things done! So allow the blended minds of Merchants Advisory Group by nurturing ideas to immaculate solutions.

  • Business Services

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you, the merchant, in order to find the best solution for your business. With many years in the bankcard industry we have put together an impressive portfolio of top-tier banks and processing companies. Once we learn more about what you do and what your processing needs are, we tell you which business service would best suit your needs.

    Specifically, we focus on different industries and have spent countless hours to learn how each one really works, and what makes each one unique and prosper. This has allowed us to fully understand your business and also helps build the confidence that each of our satisfied clients and partners have in us when we create yopur strategic plan.

  • The Art of Strategy

    The Best business strategy of all is a satisfied customer!

    MAG specializes in creating strategies to help companies understand and benefit from evolving and leading edge technologies in the areas of electronic payment processing and overall merchant business integration.

  • A Global Economic Perspective

    Even in the shift of world economies America remains the top country on the spending chain, and with cash being the least used exchange for goods. Merchants with the most transaction exchange options are winning more business. As technology grows over the next 10 years every business will have to utilize merchant processing.

    With cash carried far less often and checks slowly fading into uselessness, credit and debit cards have completely taken over the payment process, surpassing all other forms of payment and taking the top spot for most consumers. Most merchants today now accept cards; the benefits of a merchant account are too numerous and too impactful to ignore, and to maintain your competitive edge, you should accept plastic too.

Welcome to the World of Merchant Advisory Services
"Where Commitment to your Success is Our No.1 Goal"

Helping you Piece it Together

Most Processors simply bundle all their merchants into one fixed solution. This is crazy!! No two business models or industries are alike. In Commerce, there is no “One size fits all” Let Merchants Advisory Group work for you to find the best solution for your growing business.

Solutions for your business

MAG only works with the most trusted banks and processing solutions in the world in order to offer its clients the best fit solution for their business. Every business is different and MAG looks at the differences in order to match a merchant to the best processor for their business.

Join Our Professional Team

Starting out? Newly experienced? Seasoned professional? Wherever you are in your career journey, we offer energizing, challenging opportunities, working with top-tier clients in almost every industry. Want a team dedicated to excellence and high ethical standards then we're right for you.

I was paying $1200 a month in merchants fees and after being advised and setup by the MAG Team,  I'm now paying $750 a month...Thanks MAG!

Brian Dawes - Furniture Store Owner

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Little About Us

MAG was developed by a group of seasoned business professionals. With a combined twenty years of retail and banking expertise, let MAG work for you to get the best processing solution available for your business needs.